Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Rainy Day at the Big E office

Today is a rainy day at The Big E office. The sound of rain steadily beats against the window and everyone here is glad to be inside. The office is pretty quiet since the fair is quickly approaching and everyone is getting work done. So many little details still need to be finished. Between concert details, finishing the guidebook and everything else, we will be busy right up until the Fair which is quickly approaching. Tickets for the fair are already on sale and the concert tickets are selling….Sugarland is almost sold out!

Besides concerts and guidebooks, our Harvest New England Kitchen Theater details are also being worked out. This year the kitchen theater is focusing on local talent. Rich Camerota, host of Cooking With Carando; Debi Llorens, a graduate of the Connecticut Culinary Institute; Kim Bensen, weight loss expert turned TV-show host; a chef from the Hofbrauhaus, as well as Carmelina's just to name of few of those who will appear in the kitchen. It ought to be a spectacular seventeen days of scrumptious food.

We are also finalizing the food that will be at the fair this year. Think deep fried…..Deep fried Oreos and pickles, as well as, cheesecake on a stick and a deep fried baloney sandwich. Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables, so, why not have them deep fried too: green beans, zucchini…. you can even have an awesome onion. Taste buds not tickled by deep fried? Try a bag of warm mini donuts, cheese on a stick, seafood, a Pot Roast Sundae, gorgonzola fries, or apple fritter nuggets. But save room because The Big E has brought Herbert’s Cajun Kitchen to New England Avenue. They will be cooking up some delicious delights. Try Shrimp Etouffee, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Sausage or Chicken Po-Boys, Bear’s Stuffed Sausage breads, Brick of Fries (plain, garlic buttered, or Cajun), Blackened Chicken or Shrimp on a stick, Pull Pork Po-boys, Sticky Chicken, Red beans and rice, Bread pudding, a Hurricane drink served in lighted L.E.D. glasses, Louisiana coffee, or Hot chocolate: all served with Mardi Gras beads. And finish off with dessert in the form of a Big E Cream Puff or Big Éclair or, back by popular demand, a Belgian Waffle Sundae.

Keep checking here for more updates on what’s going on up to the fair and during the fair!

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