Thursday, July 12, 2012

Storrowton Village Herb Garden

Today, Storrowton Village Museum hosted a tour of Aunt Helen’s Herb Garden. The garden was packed with visitors taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and fragrant garden. Located in the backyard of the museum’s Gilbert Farmstead, the garden is more than 75 years old.

As a “teaching garden,” the plot houses more than the average cooking herbs, too. It is divided into sections by use including medicinal, household, and textile uses, though some herbs have multiple uses.

 The tour will provided guests with hands-on demonstrations of some of the herbs’ different uses.

The garden is set in the middle of Storrowton Village, and all the garden plots in the Village are in full bloom. Beautiful Black Eye Susan spread through a bed outside the Carriage House.


 Here’s a close up. They almost look fake!


On the light poles surrounding the Village green, are these beautiful hanging baskets filled with impatiens.
It’s such a simple basket, but really brightens up Storrowton Village.