Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another fair season fades away...

SheepIt seems I blinked, and it went from Labor Day to September 30. With all the work that goes into the preparation of The Big E, the year of planning, the build up to opening day, it’s hard to believe that that 17-days are gone like that! 

It’s a bittersweet feeling as the fair comes to a close. The Big E ending means normal sleeping hours and regular meals, but at the same time it’s the end of the experience for me. Next year, there will be a different person sitting at my desk, writing blog posts, maintaining Facebook and Twitter, and interviewing the Hosts of the Day.
It’s been such a privilege to be back at The Big E and working with such wonderful people. I’ve had an amazing time in the midst of the chaos.

Decorated treesYellow Slide
From racing ESE President Eugene Cassidy down the yellow slide to taking silly pictures on the green screen in Walking in a Winter Wonderland, it’s really been a blast.

Double Rainbow over fairgrounds
Our attendance was record breaking this year! We broke seven records before Sunday: six of them for daily attendance and one for overall fair attendance. Before Saturday was even over, The Big E had broken it s all time attendance record. It’s definitely fun to be a part of a historic year.

And to top it all off, the Fair ended with a gorgeous double rainbow.

Until next year!

Friday, September 7, 2012

One Week to Big E 2012!

One week! That’s all that stands between us and the 2012 Big E. Looking out my office window onto the grounds, I can see vendors taking their places, banners flying, tables and chairs where there once was open space, and cars bustling around as if the grounds were its own small town. One week! It’s hard to believe that in just seven days, the cars will be replaced with the bustling of fairgoers who are eager to try the latest fare, try the newest rides, and take in the sights of The Big E. One week!

BigE Gate Banners
I admit I am excited for autumn’s clothes: boots, scarves and hoodies, but it hasn’t really sunk in yet that it’s actually fall. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m not returning to school this year for the first time in 20 years, or maybe it’s because this warm, humid weather has over stayed its welcome, but I can’t believe that the staple event of fall in Western Massachusetts will be here in one week.

I know I can’t be alone. For me, the arrival of fall always brings mixed feelings, but as the fairgrounds fill up, I am less melancholy and more elated about what is coming in one week!

Giant Yellow Slide

What’s coming to The Big E, you ask? Well I will tell you what I am most excited about.

Working in the marketing office, I had the distinct pleasure of sampling the deep fried lasagna, and holy moly! Let me tell you, if you don’t try it, you are missing out. I know what you’re thinking, lasagna is amazing by itself, why fry it? Well, if you like fried cheese of any sort, you’ll understand. This lasagna noodle is stuffed with cheese, double breaded, fried and then topped with sauce. Don’t even act like you’re mouth isn’t watering as you read this.

Food Vendors

I also was able to get a sneak peak and taste of the fried Samoas which are equally AMAZING! Yes, they’re similar to the concept of a fried Oreo, but the flavor and texture when you bite into the batter is unique and otherworldly. It’s a chewy, nutty, chocolate combination that’s worth the calories.

Being on the inside of the set up operation this year, I have also been able to watch while the Fair comes together. I’ve paid particular attention to the conception and assembly of the Walking in a Winter Wonderland exhibit. The display is like a greeting card come to life. Enjoy walking through a maze of Christmas trees, traversing a Big E blizzard (yes there will be real snow!), and taking in holiday scenes around every bend. Yes, I’m aware that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! We’re not trying to rush time, we want to enjoy every minute of fall, but this display is so breathtaking, it will almost make you wish that the winter holidays were here.

Holiday Tree
There’s so much to look forward to next week! Shows, exhibits and food! What are you looking forward to most about fall and this year’s Fair?