Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Big E-xcitement!

Looking out the window of the Marketing Department is a different experience every hour! We’re in the final stages of putting the 2010 Big E together, and the grounds are rapidly transforming. Many of our vendor booths are already here like Millie’s, Netterfields and Osborn Mushroom Farm and the Cream Puff Bakery signs on the New England Center are already making my mouth water! On my way in from lunch I even noticed the Giant Wheel is up in the Midway, which is one of my favorite rides! 

Last Friday, they assembled the tent for The Big E Super Circus, it’s brand new this year and looks great. I’m really looking forward to the circus– there are so many new and exciting acts, including Miss Vicenta’s White Tigers, quick change artists David & Dania, Juggler Kris Kremo, Yelana Larkina’s Hula Hoop, Tempo Trapeze, Alexandra’s Net Trapeze and Raul Castano’s Dogs & Clown.The Super Circus is free, and happens three times a day at 1, 4 and 7 p.m. – a Big E experience that’s not to be missed.

The Official Program & Coupon Books were also delivered to us at the end of last week – almost anything you’d want to know about the 2010 Big E is in this beautiful 56- page, full color booklet. The “guidebook” as we often call it in the office was truly a team-effort this year and the end result is great! So whether you’re looking for a daily schedule of all our events, what food is offered from which vendor or what’s happening in the Mallary Complex, be sure to pick up your copy of the Official Program & Coupon Book on the grounds from the Elks.

I really can’t believe how fast these last few weeks have gone by! It’s almost “go-time!” Be sure to get your advanced tickets, which are still on sale until Wednesday, 9/15 at TheBigE.com, The Big E Box Office and at your local Big Y World Class Market. Advanced tickets are $12 for adults and $10 for children, ages 6 – 12.

We’re also continuing our recycling efforts this year! When you’re at the Fair, be on the lookout for the can and bottle receptacles throughout the grounds and try not to throw them in with the trash. The Big E attracts over 1 million visitors each year and it’s amazing how much we can help the environment if together, we all recycle!

The 2010 Big E – “The Last Blast of Summer” – will be here in just four days!
What are you looking forward to most?