Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Big E Food Expanding in Spectrum and Taste!

Ready to engage in glorious gluttony? Do you ever wonder what kind of restaurant offers everything, literally everything from burgers to chicken tandoori? Have you been dieting all year long just to splurge on our world class Fair food offerings? Sample the smorgasbord of tantalizing treats offered this year.

Lordy’s Elephant Ears have joined The Big E’s menu of edible delights. The dough is yeast-raised which results in a texture more like a glazed donut, similar to sweet pastry, rather than bread. You can choose from a variety of toppings including butter and cinnamon, powdered sugar, spicy apple and cinnamon, chocolate, cherry with powdered sugar and Bavarian cream. Mix a little “south-of-the-border-“ flare with a bit of the Lone Star State style and you get Chimichangas. This authentic Tex-Mex treat is made with a combination or rice, beans and beef wrapped into a flour tortilla. This perfect marriage of taste and texture will fill up the most adventurous fairgoer.

Also new are fried green beans. This mix of fried and garden cuisine is truly a taste and experience to behold, or rather consume. They form a delicious melody of the two opposite ends of the food pyramid and reaffirm the old adage that opposites do indeed attract. Just added is a unique set of burgers that you definitely won’t find at your local fast food joint. These include Elk Burgers, Chipotle Buffalo Burgers and Salmon Burgers, as well as Venison Sausage. These hearty offerings will form the backbone of any delicious meal.

For something a little creamy and cooler, you simply can't afford to miss out on delicious homemade pudding. Choose from a traditional bowl, crazy cone, or a heaping pudding sundae, complete with whipped cream and a cherry, all served in a fresh made waffle bowl. Also offered is “worms in dirt” a silly dish of gummy worms, pudding and chocolate “dirt”, that the kids will go wild for.

Our very own unique offering is the hallmark of The Big E’s cuisine. The Cream Puff is our signature dessert and is accompanied by The Big Eclair and The Big E Chocolate Chip cookie made with real Ghirardelli chocolate. Watch all three of the taste-tempting treats made on location in the Cream Puff Bakery, located in the New England Center.

International food will be on hand to spice up the Fair. Cuban sandwiches, yellow rice, fried pork, arepas and plantains will provide fairgoers with a little Latin American flare. The Chinese menu will boast lo mein, egg rolls and stir fry. Indian dishes will consist of chicken tandoori, shrimp vandaloo, channa, masala and naan. Have a taste of the “Old Country” with strombolis, pastas, and thin crust pizzas. Greek food is sure to make your mouth water with gyros, salads, and baklava.
We’ve made sure you won’t leave hungry!