Monday, August 20, 2012

24 days out…

I left my house for my morning run. It was six a.m., and while the sun was up, it was chilly. Not so cold that I didn’t want to go out, but cold enough that I needed a long-sleeved shirt. As I was moving steadily and the crisp air was filling my lungs, I realized it has happened again, summer is rapidly wrapping up. It seems that the sunny season is transient, ending as quickly as it begins, and every year summer seems to go by more and more quickly. For those of us who think life begins at the beach, love that the sun doesn’t set until nearly 8:30 p.m. and think that flip flops should be work appropriate, the beginning of fall brings a bittersweet feeling. Yet, as the cool breeze moved through my hair, I started to think about what the change of the season brings with it.

First, there is that crisp feeling that morning and evenings begin to have. That feeling reminds me that soon the leaves will change to ethereal colors of burgundy, rich orange and bright yellow. It also reminds me that I will be able to wear my fall clothes again. Nothing beats that feeling of wrapping up in a warm sweater on a cool day to go apple picking or a cozy sweatshirt over my jeans to take a hike and enjoy the colors of fall. It also reminds me that The Big E is coming, and that makes me not quite as sad to say farewell to the ocean for another season.

The Big E is coming, and it’s coming as quickly as summer is fading…24 days, 21 hours and 55 minutes to be exact. I’m looking forward to Opening Day of the Fair and the smells and sights that come along with it. Just the as the crisp feeling of cool air this morning elicited many emotions, so do the smells that come along with The Big E. Immediately, it takes me back to my childhood when the Fair was a magical experience. As I breathe in the smell of fried dough and hear the sounds of laughter coming from the Midway, I feel like a kid again when life was less complicated.

As I think about The Big E this year, I am looking forward to trying new foods. I read the description of the fried lasagna, and my mouth starts to water. I’ve already had the distinct pleasure of taste testing the Deep Friend Samoas, and let me tell you…YUM! The only stress for me at The Fair is having to choose between fried cheese curd and mini donuts. Sometimes you just have to indulge in both.

I’m also looking forward to the entertainment. Part of the Fair experience for me is getting to enjoy shows locally. As a Western Mass native, I’ve become used to traveling to Hartford or Boston to enjoy a concert or comedian, but when The Big E is here, I get to enjoy a show in my own backyard. I am ready and waiting to see Peanut, Walter and Achmed…oh and Jeff Dunham!

I guess I really am excited for fall to arrive. Each season has its treasures, and I’m looking forward to the joys of autumn.

The Big E blog is written by Beth, our Marketing Assistant.