Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Triple Entente: Seether, Boyz II Men, and Lane Turner Complete Big E’s 09 Talent Lineup

The Big E is pleased to present the final three acts set to perform this year. Boyz II Men will go out on stage on 9/20 8 p.m. Lane Turner will perform 9/25 at 8 p.m. Seether will be the grand finale of the entire Fair, having been given the final spot, performing 10/4 7p.m. All shows will take place on the Comcast Stage Arena and are free to the public.

Boyz II Men is the most successful R&B male vocal group of all time, based on sales. They are the only group other than the Beatles to have replaced themselves at the top billboard position. Their hit “I’ll Make Love to You” was replaced by their next number one hit “On Bended Knee.” The group has sold over 50 million albums propelling them into the company of Nat King Cole, Oasis, ‘N Sync, and Nirvana.

Seether hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. The band had modest origins, yet the circumstances were prime for artistic freedom and experimentation and they began playing in coffee shops at local universities.

As testament and confirmation of their worldwide popularity and prominence, the band has sold well over 5 million copies of various albums to date. The band has permeated out into popular culture and had their song “Sold Me” featured on The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)’s major event Bad Blood in 2004. The very next year, “Remedy” was the hallmark song featured at the WWE’s SummerSlam event.

In 2008, Lane Turner was featured as a contestant on The Next GAC (Great American Country) Star. His traditional heritage and blue-collar roots made him a fan favorite. He was announced as the runner-up on the finale, not to shabby for a TV event watched by millions with thousands of contestants. But that’s not stopping him. “My track coach in college told me that the great thing I had was enthusiasm. I was excited. I was always there early, and I was always staying late. Because I loved it.” He just on the cusp of making it big time. This passion for his music and devotion to himself is what will keep propelling Lane Turner to the top and keep him there for a long while.