Saturday, September 14, 2013

Visit Storrowton Village for Some Old Fashioned Fun

The atmosphere of The Big E is intoxicating. The sights and sounds of the season are in full bloom all over the fairgrounds. From The Big E Circus Spectacular, to the shopping, animals and other entertainment, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed. Do yourself a favor and step off the bustling streets of the Fair and enter Storrowton Village Museum, an authentic 19th century village, to recharge and take in a different side of The Big E.

Storrowton is a reconstructed village consisting of nine historical buildings from Massachusetts and New Hampshire which were purchased, dismantled and reassembled around a traditional town green right here on Eastern States Exposition’s grounds. Although Storrowton's buildings come from different periods of construction, together they form a classic New England village which includes a Meeting House, Schoolhouse, General Store, Blacksmith Shop, Tavern, Law Office and two historic homes.

During The Big E Storrowton hosts special activities on the green, such as 19th century craft demonstrations and children’s games, tours of the historic buildings and daily entertainment events on the Storrowton Gazebo. Shop for crafts or vintage and unique gifts at Storrowton Gift Shop. If you have a taste for unusual snacks pick up a box of Salt N’ Vinegar Crick-Ettes, Mexican Spice Larvets or flavored lollipops with a surprise worm or scorpion inside. For more conventional shopping, don’t forget about the Christmas Shop in the Potter Mansion and Craft Common on the back green of the Village.

This Big E classic, New England village was created by the late Eastern States Exposition Trustee, Helen O. Storrow of Massachusetts who began the process of purchasing these historic buildings for the Exposition in 1927. Storrowton is a major element of The Big E which helps make this New England Fair so unique.

Storrowton Village Museum hours are 10am – 9pm, Craft Common is open until 10pm and Storrowton Tavern & Terrace is open 11am – 11pm daily. Early American Children’s Games are every day at noon and Early American Craft Demos are daily at 10am, 12:30, 3:00, and 5:30pm. Storrowton Village and Storrowton Tavern, a full service restaurant and banquet facility, are open year-round.
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