Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Musicians Hall of Fame comes to the 2010 Big E

Big E Special Events Director, John Juliano, recently got confirmation that a very special exhibit will be coming to the 2010 fair – The Musicians Hall of Fame! Located in the Young Building, there will be displays, artifacts and instruments, videos, music and histories of many of American’s greatest artists, including Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.
The museum, which was originally housed in Nashville, closed earlier this year and was demolished to make way for the city’s new Music City Convention Center. Joe Chambers, MHOF Founder, is looking for a place to relocate, but is currently unsure of where or when.

In this rare opportunity, we will see many of the Musicians Hall of Fame’s original exhibits including drum sets, gold records, bass guitars, six string electric guitars and clothing. Also included will be the recording machine that Elvis used to make his first record, a gift for his mother, which led to Sam Phillips signing him to the label and releasing "That's Alright Mama," and Hal Blaine's blue sparkle Ludwig Drum Kit - the actual kit used on most of the Beach Boys, The Mamas & The Papas, Byrds, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, and the Carpenters’ albums.
There’s always so much more that goes into the production of a song than just what you hear on the final album. So whether you are a jazz music buff or an occasional lover of rock and roll, it’s going to be pretty cool! Discover the magic inside the Musicians Hall of Fame exhibit at the 2010 Big E.

Everyone is getting into full swing, as the fair is only 49 days away! I can’t believe how fast time has gone by – Do you think summer is going by fast, too? A lot of ESE people were on vacation the past two weeks, now it’s full speed for the busy (and exciting) times ahead in the months of August and September.

The Marketing department is working with the graphic designer on the Program and Coupon book, and so far the completed pages look awesome. It’s the official guidebook of The Big E and the best way to ensure you don’t miss anything here on your visit. There are descriptions of all the events and exhibits, a daily schedule, the lists of vendors and sponsors, and of course, who doesn’t love coupons?! Some people love having everything planned out before the Fair and already know where all their favorite spots are, while others just like to wander around and stumble upon hidden Big E gems. Either way, the 2010 Fair is filled with many new exhibits and old favorites. How do you usually navigate around The Big E?

We’ve also been working closely with our ad agency, Mascola, as we prepare to launch the 2010 print, radio and TV ads and promotions. Our theme this year is “The Last Blast of Summer” so be sure to be on the look out!
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