Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big E Marketing Intern, Jon, has left for his Junior year abroad. This is his final Big E Blog.

Looking Back
It seems so distant, almost ethereal the first Monday that I came in here. I was so nervous. This was my first internship ever. My first experience with an office environment. My only expectations were based on the show "The Office," which, for better or worse, we at Eastern States Exposition do not feature a Michael Scott, nor do we have a Dwight. Nobody has ever set the office on fire in an attempt to teach us office safety, there is no diversity training, no party planning committee.
But I think what I found here was more concrete, definitely more realistic, and better for me. I found a group of people sincerely dedicated to not only their own individual careers and occupations, but to the corporation as a whole. This isn’t like a huge corporation where we are “cogs in a machine,” but rather pieces of a puzzle. Things don’t look quite right unless we all fit together, unless we all coalesce into a team. Without us, The Big E would not happen. Here, we are important in a way that would not be the case in some other larger company. Here, we are not insignificant, but know the president of the corporation on a first name basis.
The Eastern States Exposition brings me to a time when good old traditions were honored. There is an aura of comfortableness, of harmony. Whether it was walking through an empty Storrowton Village Green during mid July during my lunch break or down Commonwealth Ave. full of fairgoers, trying to dodge the crowd, there was some sort of belonging, or rather of acknowledgement of where we, as people, America and New England, have come.
The times like the ones that I had here, at Eastern States Exposition, are ones that can take me wherever I want to go. They represent a solid foundation on which to build my dreams. The lessons and friendships that I have here will accompany me wherever I shall go.
I am forever indebted to Eastern States Exposition for the kind of opportunities it gave me. Thank you.
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