Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Craz-E Burger is Crazy Delicious

This is the sandwich you have been dreaming of, a glorious and delicious combination of crispy bacon and tender burger with generous portion of melty gooey cheese sandwiched in between… a grilled glazed donut! What’s not to love and adore about this taste monstrosity? This motley crew of flavors and textures come into a perfect union in the form of the Craz-E Burger.

This special and one of a kind treat can be found at The Big E at the Big EZ Café which is located outside Door 7 of the Better Living Center.

The naming rights were won by Marty Brownsey of West Seneca, New York whose “Craz-E Burger” was chosen from a very competitive field of over four hundred individual Facebook entries. There were entries such as “Heart Attack on a Bun” and “The E-Normous.”

Although this burger can seem intimidating, if you are able to conquer it, your taste buds will thank you. Those who have tried it have not regretted it.

The taste combination is something quite unique and unexpectedly good considering the odd combination. The glaze is a perfect complement to the bacon and seems to harmonize the other ingredients. The flaky and golden donut is sweeter and more delicious from the hamburger roll you are used to and transforms the bland into the delicious. And what would a self-respecting burger be without bacon? You get two pieces of crispy, thin cut bacon on this burger.

Excitement and expectation are high as fairgoers will make their way from the entrance gates to the Big EZ Café in order to be the first to taste this most intriguing burger and decide for themselves whether it’s “over the top” or “just right.”
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