Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seventeen days flew by, as the 2008 Big E comes to an end.

Out my office window, an empty lot spotted by buildings sits desolate in the rain. It’s hard to imagine that three days ago this place was alive with the sights and sounds of The Big E. The stages have been taken down and the vendors have packed up and moved out. Left here are the memories of a great Fair and anticipation for next year.

Closing night, Fergie performed on the Comcast Arena Stage. In true “Glamorous” style, The Dutchess put on a spectacle of dancing and singing for fans of all ages.

During a pre-show meet and greet, Fergie posed for pictures with lucky fans.

ESE President Wayne McCary with Fergie
Fergie with Ambra from The Big E Super Circus

Throughout the seventeen days, Agriculture flourished at The Big E.
As is tradition:

Chicks hatched in Farm-A-Rama.

Butter became Art outside the Mallary Complex

And the Hallamore horses displayed their giant beauty.
Food never lacks at the Fair!

Pot Roast Sundaes melted in fairgoers mouth, bringing comfort food to the Fair.

The traditional fried food on a stick tickled taste buds of all ages.

And Big E Cream Puffs covered faces and clothes with heavenly goodness.

As the 2008 Big E season comes to an end, Fair memories keep us excited for next year!!
Plans are already in the works for the 2009 Big E, and hopefully Sugarland can reschedule their cancelled show here for next year.

New England’s Autumn Tradition will take place next year from September 18 to October 4, 2009.

The Big E extends thanks to its office blogger, college intern Beth
(pictured with Cream Puff above).
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