Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome One and All the The Big E Super Circus

Monday, I had the privilege of witnessing the agility, strength and courage that is hidden underneath the Big Top.

Opening the show, the Flying Pages climbed flimsy ladders to the top of the tent, so high up that I had to tilt my head all the way back to see. The music started and the girls in flashy costumes began swinging across the room holding only a small bar. Flipping off of the trapeze, the girls jumped into the arms of the “catola” hanging upside down across the tent. Eighteen year-old Anthony Pays did a triple somersault and his ten year-old sister flew from the very top of the tent.

Check out some pictures from their act.

Next in line, dogs of all sizes came running out from behind a curtain. These dogs, who all have been rescued from animal shelters, can perform tricks that you have to see to believe. Leaping through hoops and performing handstands are only a few of these k-9’s talents. The show even included “high-diving daredevil doggie,” who leaped from a platform into the arms of his trainer below.

Check out some pictures of these performing pooches.

After the dogs left the stage, Duo Fusion entered with a display of great strength and balance.

Following Duo Fusion, Sylvia Zerbini entered the ring with her eight white beauties. Her act involved demonstrations of the horses' abilities and her own acrobatic feats.

More? Of course. Two girls can fit into a box no larger than a microwave. Check this out.

Following the girls in a box, the circus elephants finished the show. These African beauties only seem larger when you get that close to them. Even the five year old was enormous!!!

The Big E Super Circus is a sight to be seen!! Check out one of the three daily shows: 1, 3 and 7 P.M.
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