Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture Tour of the pre-fair grounds

The operations staff works so fast around here. Last week the fairgrounds looked like an empty parking lot with a few scattered buildings. Today, that parking lot is filled with food vendors, craft exhibits, rides, benches, and ticket booths. The flavor of the Fair is on its way. Just outside my window is a mini-donut booth which is such a tease since no one is working there yet. It just sits there making me impatient in anticipation of those warm, fresh donuts.

I took some pictures so everyone could see a little bit of what is happening this week, four days from opening day.

This is the beginning stages of The Big E Super Circus. The poles now hold up the massive tent that was lying on the ground this morning.

The food vendors are moving in, setting up shop and making us hungry.

The Giant Slide: Possibly one of the simplest, yet greatest attractions at The Big E awaits the screams and cheers of all who ride.

The Comcast Arena Stage is still in a trailer, but it will be up and ready for Natasha Bedingfield next Friday.

These benches wait to surround the Court of Honor Stage. That empty space will be full by Friday.

This massive crane is moving rides into place in the midway.

Here’s where those rides will end up.

Last, but not least, in this picture tour is Commerford’s Petting Zoo where rumor has it there will be baby lemurs this year.
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