Friday, September 5, 2008

Only 6 days until The Big E, and you can not believe the craziness.

Take a walk outside the back door of our office and you might think you took a wrong turn and ended up at a golf course. Twenty golf carts are lined up just outside so that all of the staff can easily and quickly get from one end of the Fair grounds to another prior to the Fair opening. For our department we use our cart to bring the media to different locations for photos and interviews.

Today my job was to take one the carts out with a photographer from the Republican. We circled around the entire Fair Grounds getting pictures of Fair preparations. His pictures consisted of eggs in the incubators, the state building cleaning crews, Mardi Gras floats and so much more. The pictures are going to be in the newspaper next Wednesday!

While touring the Fairgrounds I saw the Giant Tent of the Big E Super Circus in the process of going up. The Food Vendors are moving in and all of the booths and craft exhibits are setting up. RVs and mobile homes are arriving as vendors use them as home-base before and during the Fair. The two entertainment stages are being put together; chairs are being delivered and the stages themselves are going up. With only 6 days to go and so much still to be done, everyone will have to work quickly.
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