Friday, August 29, 2008

Glamorous Pop-Stars Coming Soon to The Big E

As a Fergie and Natasha Bedingfield fan, I am very excited to be at The Big E this fall while they will both be here. At work I hear their music floating around the office as different pieces of media are being produced. Seeing it all come together increases my excitement for the concerts.

Concerts are so much fun to attend. Between the screaming fans and the rockin’ music, there’s not much that I enjoy more. With a show like Fergie, the music is so great that you can’t help but dance in front of your seat (I don’t think anyone really sits at a show like hers). But with Natasha you just want to belt out the lyrics!

The closer we get to the shows, the more ticket-selling details that have to be handled. It is pretty neat to see how the other end of ticket sales is handled. We open up the seating chart to see which seats are filled and which seats are still open. Right now we’re designating the radio contest tickets. We work with the radio stations in the greater Springfield and Connecticut area to put together contests to win free concert tickets.

An Evening with Fergie is on September 28 and Natasha Bedingfield performs on September 12, so time is tight with getting the contest details worked out. Deadlines make the job even more exciting.
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